Thursday, 3 May 2012

On My review on Ameda Lactaline Dual Breastpump but now Miss Ameda is Rosak

im so sad. I have been using Ameda Lactaline Dual Breastpump ("Miss Ameda") in an effort to ensure supply of EBM is sufficient once I started working but now Miss Ameda rosak.

Its my fault, I didnt ensure the silicone tubing is really kering before pakai. Now the motor caput because of backflow...asishhhhhhh. I feel like screaming for my stupidity.

My review on Miss Ameda

Bought it from LilttleWhiz and it comes with the following:-

  • 1 unit of Ameda breastpump motor
  • 2 units of bottles with locking rings and dics for bottles caps
  • 1 unit of tubing adapter
  • 1 unit of Ameda Standard Breast Flange 25mm
  • 4 units of Ameda Pump Valves
  • 2 units of Ameda Adapter Cap
  • 2 units of Ameda Silicone Tubing
  • 2 units of Ameda Silicone Diaphragm
  • 1 unit of Ameda AC Adapter - local use
I got freegifts too when I purchased it in November last year at RM799.00. It comes with 1 year warranty.


  • Efficient. I get to pump between 5oz -6 oz both sides in 15 minutes.
  • Quiet.
  • Not many parts.
  • The parts are super easy to clean.
  • The parts are super easy to assemble.
  • Mobile but has its cons too.
  • Fits with Bumble Bee, Jingle and Autumnz's bottles storage.


  • It comes with adapter. Non rechargable. Kena berdekat-dekatan dengan power point. But you can guna baterry if you want to take it anywhere like Medela FS. But I noticed after 6 pumping sessions, battery akan caput. So a bit expensive if you want to use batteries and you need 6 batteries by the way.
  • One part is really small like the white valve sebesar duit 50sen. But not really a turn off.
  • The Silicone Diaphragms are delicate and as you assembling the parts, it might terjatuh, so you must be careful sikit penat nak basuh dengan air panas lagi.
  • The Ameda motor unit is a bit big and bulky but still small and you could still carry it in your diaper bag.
  • Be careful with the Silicone Tubing below- JGN BASAH. Wash boleh, but make sure you dry it if not you'll suffer like me kena hantar betul the motor because of back flow.
  • Not a handsfree breastpump but you could purchase Pumping Pal macam kat bawah tu- so not a major issue.

Additional Items - Must Haves

If you purchase Ameda, you might want to purchase these:-

Ameda Flexishield Areola Stimulator - this is really helpful in let down and tak sakit.

 Pumping - Pal - mak oii susahnya nak tackle benda alah ni- but you will get use to it.


So my verdict, it is a very good and realiable pump, if you use it correctly.  I love it. Initially I wanted to buy Medela FS but after thinking it through and research, decided on Miss Ameda. Maybe not as famous as Medela and Avent, but in all honesty it is a great buy and very good pump.

Reason buying  Miss Ameda

Why dual? I need something that is office/boss/urgency/travelling friendly so single/manual is not an option. And the price is not as mahal as Medela FS which is double the price of Ameda. If I have extra I might purchase Medela FS.  My cousin and aunts are in London now and I have asked them to reki if they could find anything below 300 pounds. so far tak de. sedih. If they find anything below RM1K after conversion, I do not mind purchasing it because of one plus point - because it is a rechargable pump.

So now my Miss Ameda is on its way to be repaired. In the meantime, Im using my old and trusted pump, Avent Manual Pump.

Note to self- Next time - silalah rajin baca instructions...